La Murcielaga, The She-Bat - Heroine Character Bio

La Murcielaga - The She-Bat

Margarita del Socorro (nicknamed "Mega" by her older sister) was born during the height of pre-Incident MyTH activity in the world.  From an early age her hyper-developed sense of hearing often left her confused and very introverted, causing many to consider her mentally slow and possibly autistic.  This continued as she grew older, causing a lack of social competency and confidence.  After befriending a kindred spirit who recognized her situation, she soon found an awakened confidence and desire to define herself and her place within her community in the largely Hispanic neighborhoods of Los Angeles. 

Eventually she was approached by a man only known as "Sifu" who invited her to look into training with him at his martial arts school.  Hesitant at first, she did and soon met the other students there, all MyTHs like her.  In time she joined the school and became part of an active MyTH team known as the Reiki Warriors.  Most active MyTH teams in the United States at the time required some form of coordination with the AMTHA, but the Reiki Warriors were all but a footnote as far as the U.S. government was concerned.

With the advent of the Incident, La Murcielaga went with the rest of the Reiki Warriors to Antarctica.  Her body was not among the few recovered, and Sifu has stated adamantly that she is not among those who perished that day.  Two decades have passed since then, and all but a few in her old neighborhood haunts have forgotten her.  Her story however is far from over.

A crossover character from Studio G Publications, La Murcielaga (also known as The She-Bat) comes to us with a rich comic book history and a long-time fan base.  She appears within our stories by permission and the canon of her previous comic existence can be largely accepted as fitting within our story universe here.  Those aspects that do not fit will simply not be mentioned, and any story developments created here that do not fit in her continuity should be considered as merely our version, only extant here within our universe.  In short, this is our take on her.