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MyTH Comics are stories about the More Than Human. Our characters live in a world very much a parallel of the modern real world today except that some people are born with abilities that separate them from the normal human being, and technology is in very rare instances somewhat more advanced than in reality.

To summarize the MyTH universe, the present world is seeing a resurgence of once-extinct super powered beings. Known as the More Than Human (MyTHs), they once were considered a well-favored part of society, exciting imaginations and inspiring the "normal" among us to do great things. An event in the recent past had seemingly wiped them out, but a new generation of both heroes and villains is again appearing all over the world just as people had learned to move on without them. Making the occurrence all the more strange, the new MyTHs that have appeared so far all seem to be female.

Our goal in telling these stories is to present a fresh and hopefully unique take on the superhero genre, and to fully embrace the modern digital age with our storytelling. Our comics are designed specifically for online publication and are written for an educated and intelligent readership. The stories are for adults only, and do not shy away from subject matter of a violent or sexual nature. We are not a "porn" site per se, so readers looking for another chloroform-filled "superheroines in peril" site may want to consider continuing their search.

We treat our heroines as well-rounded and as realistic as possible. They have depth, background, motivations, needs, failings, and yet still represent what is best in people. Our villains likewise have depth and definition, and are not afraid to see an evil plan through to its full fruition.

The universe our characters and stories exist in is timeless, as most other comic worlds are... the "present" can always be defined as "now" without a calendar year associated with it. Some of what goes on in the MyTH world mirrors the real world we live in, but we try to avoid too many correlations that put a specific date on things so our character may continue to exist without the complication of real-time aging.

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The following is common knowledge that all of our readers should know to help put the stories into perspective. The first stories we are introducing begin with this common history, though more may be revealed over time. Everything revolves around an event known as "The Incident".

In our world, super heroes were a very common facet of the 20th century, having come on to the public scene with the advent of World War I. At the time, they were initially feared and misunderstood... many with garish costumes that resembled carnival performers and circus freaks. Having proved themselves during WWI, super heroes became something of a public fascination, with interest not only from the various world governments but also from the scientific community and even entertainment industry.

With the advent of WWII, super powered beings again proved their worth. The world gained a new appreciation and a new love affair began that carried well into the following decades. Children idolized various Heroes. Scientists gained new insights and understandings as to where these beings were coming from. Military leaders courted many of them, and formed loose associations based on national or ethnic bonds. Heroes began to work globally, yet retain their national identity.

Science at the time had been able to determine that (most of) the super-powered beings had come from natural human births, from normal human parents. The explanation of where their abilities came from was elusive, and science has yet to determine what causes a child born to be "normal" or have abilities that develop through adolescence (and occasionally earlier). These beings came to be designated as More Than Human, or MyTHs for short. Governments around the world created agencies to catalogue, study, monitor, and work in conjunction with the MyTHs in their countries. Most governments, such as the United States, had stable (albeit not fully trusting) relationships with their native MyTH population. In the US, the Agency for MyTH Activities (AMTHA) was created to support and coordinate with sanctioned MyTHs who agreed to work for the common public good. Heroes were free to act as independent agents and would receive government support, so long as they behaved in a manner appropriate to a hero.

Roughly thirty years ago, an event occurred that changed everything. No one really knows what happened, but a global catastrophe was on the horizon. Something was brewing, and the superhero community responded in a way that the world had never seen before. All at once it seemed, every MyTH from around the world converged on a single location in Antarctica. Heroes and villains alike, anyone and everyone with abilities it seemed heeded the call. Within a span of days nearly every single person on the planet with any kind of ability had left for the frozen continent, leaving only the very young, severely injured, and extremely cowardly behind.

Captured Villains were freed. Retired Heroes donned their masks again. Together as one they all left in haste. Less than a week from the first stirrings, they were all gone. No one alive today knows what the danger was, or what they went to face, but it must have been something truly ominous to bring together such a response. Investigations into the scene have turned up little clues. Less than a third of the known MyTHs who left were recovered. An area now called "The Centerpoint" was left bare of everything but shattered rock and MyTH bodies. The exposed earth was said to still be warm when military forces arrived, despite the bitter cold. At the very center of The Centerpoint the rock had fused into solid glass, a full 5 meters deep.

Super Heroine

The world was never the same. As humanity realized they no longer had MyTHs among them, chaos erupted everywhere. Criminal organizations reacted quickly, looking to stake claims everywhere they felt they could. Common street crime rose by triple digits around the world. Many nations imposed temporary martial law, with a few having never lifted it. Scientists the world over were terrified, realizing that they had just survived something truly inconceivable. Slowly, over several years, society began to learn to function without super heroes. No longer glorified, no longer idolized, they began to fade from the public consciousness.

In recent years, everything changed again. In France, a bank in Paris was attacked and nearly destroyed by a young woman with incredible power. A day later she attacked a second bank, only to be confronted by another young woman who was able to move at incredible speeds. It seemed that MyTHs were not entirely gone, and society had to once again adjust. Within a month, every country on the planet had reports of super-powered women. Some were apparently malignant in nature, others benign, and a few outright heroic. The age of the Super Hero had returned. Somewhat. What became immediately clear is that every MyTH that had surfaced was female. It is still not entirely understood, but it is commonly believed that at least for now whatever causes a baby to be born with abilities only affects females.

Many major cities today have a local Heroine, and very likely one or more Villainesses. Reactions are not as warm as they once were. MyTHs are not as beloved as before, and instead are largely looked on with skepticism. Some cities embrace their local MyTH population, others are outright hostile to the whole notion. Many groups advocating the "Normal" race have risen, some with great resources and global reach. Governments have been slow to reach out, watching and waiting to see where things are going.

Today, most countries have once again reached out to their MyTH community in an effort to coordinate and support as they once did. The USA has only just started to organize a national effort, approaching prominent Heroines on the local level and offering resources and support. No national "teams" exist yet, though it is likely a few will begin forming soon. It is known that several organized groups of MyTHs exist and operate outside of the law. Not exactly criminal organizations per se, they are absolutely out for their own goals and agendas and many government agencies are extremely concerned.

Our stories begin here.